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Why Bother?

Well as this site progresses I must make a confession. I am producing it as a stream of consciousness. Not planning every stage to the nth degree but rather letting it develop in an organic ( but hopefully not pointless) way. Just as I have told students NEVER to do over the last 20 years or so.


Hopefully, it will describe and demonstrate a workable way forward for people who are fed up with the conventional work mill, in my case Education and want to find something else that is both fulfilling and financially rewarding. I firmly believe in the power of sharing. The more we put out the more we can hopefully receive. It is also a practical exploration of the use of social media to promote activities. I suspect that a parallel blog will develop to explain in greater detail the processes I have engaged with, to act as potential guides or warnings of the pratfalls that I encounter.


My, possibly arrogant, starting point is. I would like to share my 57years of life on this planet. I have been lucky enough to experience and hopefully contribute towards some fantastic projects in education, art, computing and motorcycling. some of which can be seen on the CV page. I have worked with and been influenced by some fantastic people over the years some like David Hugo, Jocasta Innes, Andy Cameron. Jonathan Inglis, Bill Newland, and Stan Smith are no longer with us. The others are, and, hopefully going from strength to strength and I hope that I can express sufficient appreciation through this site. I doubt that this will be equal to that particular task though.


I would also appreciate being able to generate sufficient funds to proceed with this project. Not through handouts of crowdfunding but rather through straightforward transactions, so some of the activities offered on this site will have a paid for element. This is not only to buy my time but also, as a friend suggested, an honest representation of appreciation. Thank you is easy, a fiver demands some degree of commitment.


I bought this 'site' with my settlement on leaving education. It was and is a bit of a punt in the dark. I like that. So if you have a project that needs some public 'air' but do not have the means to go online on yoiur own or want a little hand holding before you really take off. Please email us I am sure that we can help in some way. Together we can make beautiful things. Alone we are but a match in the dark, and possibly being the third light.


Finally, may I state that the site is in no way intended as a spoof on West Ham or the good people of the London Borough of Newham. But rather, hopefully, a celebration of difference and equality that I hope holds true to our shared values. Email me if you disagree. I hope you enjoy and find something worthwhile here.





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