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Beauty in the City


Many star photographers have mined the jewels of the city for the almost 200 years since photography was invented. From Daguerre’s first image, a  ghostly Parisian street scene where only one figure recorded from the bustling lunchtime streets. To Lee Friedlander and Martin Parr who turned caring yet cutting visions of New York and England’s urban and suburban streets into fabulous images. Bill Brandt’s stark images from Halifax and London during the Blitz that became cult collectables after being widely published.


For our days work, we will start by discussing contemporary images produced from the landscape around the Gherkin, evaluating the techniques and viewpoints used. We will then set off in search of the ‘perfect Urban landscape’ and the changing face of the City.


 As we move through the day you will be shown and given the opportunity to test and learn some of the techniques and equipment used professionally to capture images that sell; either with your own kit or using ours. Also, your coach will be observing your camera techniques and offering suggestions that will help your photography both in this context and generally.


We will pause for a working lunch where we will review the images captured in the morning.


In the afternoon we will move off from Tower Bridge to Canary Wharf on the Docklands Light Railway. There we will look at the very different architecture particularly the mix of towers and water.


We will close the day with another group crit over coffee to evaluate your images discuss ways to further your techniques and aesthetic approach, develop ideas for presentation and future work.


Because at least two hours of the day will be spent looking at how the images we produce can be improved or enhanced, something many people find a particular challenge in the early stages of their photographic endeavours. We are limiting the group size to under 10. this will enable everyone to be heard and speak without feeling overwhelmed. You will also receive a more personalised tuition from your coach.



  1. Start to recognise the codes and conventions used in urban landscape through exposure to other photographers.

  2. Understand and recognise some of the potential technical hazards and learn new techniques to overcome them

  3. learn how to recognise, apply and express verbally as well as visually a coherent understanding of compositional factors.

  4. To develop your self-confidence through the positive giving and receiving critical and analytic comments on each other work during the day

  5. Develop the confidence to pick up new kit and rapidly see how it can be used and applied creatively.


Course Duration

This is a one day workshop lasting 6 hours from 10.00 in the morning until approximately 16.00. See the calendar for upcoming opportunity or email us for more information as to the next event.


Bring along your DSLR kit together with a substantial memory card or cards  If you have a lightweight tripod that may be of value to you.

The only other things you will need are a travel card that covers The city and canary wharf and some cash for lunch and two sets of coffee or whatever during our first and last session.

 If you are uncertain, email us to discuss what you will find most useful. and we will ring you back.



We will provide printed notes on key areas covered in the session.

You will probably want a next level course once your creative pith has started to rise. If you book onto one we will give you telephone support during the few weeks before it starts. Everyone forgets something and we recognise how frustrating it is to stumble at this stage. Call the contact number and leave a message. Someone will call you back within 24 hrs.



The Gherkin

30 St Mary Axe, London EC3A 8EP


Cost  £120.00

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