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Last Week :(

Well fellow travellers, what a shit week. Came up on Wednesday to a flat tyre in Kingston. Pumped it up and took off to a local repair shop to fix. They could not find a fault so I carried on and worked the day gradually feeling that I was loosing my mind or at least my mojo. I seemed to be incapable of riding my motorcycle anymore. Corners were impossible , i felt unsafe at best. Fortunately Control deemed me unworthy of work so I spent much of the next two days waiting. On one of the few jobs of those two days I was waiting outside a facility in East London when I noticed the offending item ( see Photo) I called the lovely Steve to see about a replacement and was told Friday morning early. OK that works, I had at best one run that day over to Heathrow and that was manageable with stops to refill the tyre. The handling still was a bug. Having dropped at Heathrow I called Control and told them the situation. They expressed dismay and stated in no uncertain terms that I needed to get the tyre plugged asap or no work tomorrow. I rang The AA and within the hour a lovely guy rocked up and plugged the hole. In the meantime I was warned by the Airport Police that I should not even consider exploding whilst I waited. All Good. Started off home but the steering was still rubbish, and gradually a horrendous noise began to erupt from under the petrol tank. Great I have a knackered tyre and a wrecked engine, when did i check the oil last? I staggered home and topped up the oil, though it did not seem to be alarmingly low, tensioned the chain incase it was that and started the bike. Still clanking….SHIT. Friday the 13th ( combined with my 13 call sign ) did not bode well, my lovely V-Strom was clearlyF***ked. Steve turned up to sort out the tyre and immediately said the puncture was theist I had to fear as my front wheel bearings where completely dysfunctional. I asked about the banging and clanking and he said chain slap. We agreed that I would go to work and return early for him to sort out the bearings etc. I drove off and the bike shook wriggled and rattled to such an extent that I totally pissed off control by saying I could not ride. ( another week on the Croydon Naughty Step for me

:( ) Steve Came back almost immediately and took the wheel away returning as promised by 12.00 I was back on the road. More work done in the next 4.5 hrs than the rest of the week and I could ride again corners worked and the engine had not blown up it was all noise etc. from the bearings. Thank you Steve. Life is a pleasure again now ( well as close as I can get anyway) 4 days of website work and Painting in Chichester now beckon hopefully productive. AND Summer is here , at least in Chichester.

oh, the point of that was how come it took three engineers to find that my bearings were shot to bits? Steve spotted it in seconds, I could have had it fixed on Wednesday and been profitable on Friday:(, if others ( including me, had been more aware !)

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