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Earlier this evening my son, a keen entrepreneur, asked why there were references and links to motorcycles and couriers. I had to think about that one.

Firstly, at this moment I am setting up the sales/education project and I spend half of the week riding around London and associated counties trying to earn enough to keep everything else active and my wife calm. 50% aint that bad.

On a philosophical level I do not feel that they are that dissimilar. Since lead, arsenic and some other noxious chemicals were band from paints it is unlikely one will perish from artistic activity. (Lion tamers, body manipulators and wheel of Death riders being possible exceptions, however I don’t know of anyone dying from watercolour.) Conversely, on the motorcycle the slightest misjudgement in many situations will almost certainly lead to death or serious injury.

Physical aspects excepted both activities involve being totally in the moment, reviewing the world from a certain perspective and taking actions rapidly based upon that assessment. Rapidly assimilating the data to either construct a representation of that understanding or swerving to avoid it.

Both are firmly rooted in the present, a state of mindfulness and observation that others can only dream of.

How that cognisance of reality is re-presented by the creative is another matter. The courier has a set of well-rehearsed manoeuvres to enable escape and rapid progression towards the drop. The creative on the other hand now faces a bewildering paradigm of choice. Material, medium, pigment, string or glue etc. and this only covers some of the physical or tactile elements of the representation trade.

Like the courier the only option is an honest assessment of the possible routes forward. Both expose their soul at this point. Both experience the agony and frustration that comes from uncertainty as to the way forward.

However the reality of the situation is that I am sitting in my studio writing this instead of finishing two commissions that I should be doing easily but are proving hard, whilst trying to wiggle a broken tooth out. On Wednesday I will be riding and all will become clear again.

That is the only answer I have to offer.

The illustration is yesterday’s Fkup. Hay ho The future holds all the possibilities and the game is not over yet.

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