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Creative workshops for all!

Who, When and Where?

Workshops  for you to enjoy, share and learn.

We firmly believe that one of the key elements of a happy fulfilled life ( Not to mention staving off dementia.) is through active and practical creativity. Learning new skills, meeting new people, seeing and valuing our unique perspectives.


Our workshops and short courses aim not only to teach you new skills but also to foster confidence in yourself.


Our courses are led by experienced professionals, most of whom have a long commitment to education as well as their own creative practice.


The descriptors we use explain both the skills and practice that you will learn, together with where you might move forward to on your path.


We work in a complimentary and are supportive of the formal education sector. But importantly we have all chosen to work better and differently.


Each course descriptor states what equipment you will need to practice and develop your new skills. If you can come along with at least the items marked essential then you will benefit most from the event. If you cannot beg borrow or steal the things you need, maybe, you should reflect on whether our course is right for you. We want you to choose well and use well.


On completion of your workshop, you will receive a certificate detailing what you have learned and how proficient you are at the end. This together with a short constructive comment will help you engage with the formal education sector at a higher level than before.


Once we have a clear picture of you, ie. you have attended a few workshops we will support your progress by writing a reference.


We make every effort to ensure that our courses are accessible to everyone. Most of our workshops are based at the main centre in South Norwood.


But we firmly believe in working out in other local communities to use as appropriate a range of venues from village halls, like Wanda's life drawing sessions in South Petherton, upstairs rooms in Pubs like the Willoughby in Kingston, the street and coffee shops as in the Urban Architecture.


We detail accessibility for each event and try to duplicate when the demand for different facilities arises.


All are welcome on each course but sometimes it is helpful to identify an age or ability range that a course is targeted at or most useful to. We try to be clear about this to avoid any disappointment or discomfort.

The advantage of our light structure is that we can run our events to the optimal size for you. Generally, we feel a group of between 5 and 10  makes for a good learning dynamic having the opportunity for shared learning along with individual attention.


All our courses are planned to kick start you into action. We have all attended courses where there is no personal context and so we just wasted hundreds of pounds. To prevent this many of our courses have follow-up support sessions or even telephone or skype support for when you get stuck in the future.


Just pop us an email if you have any questions, include your phone number and we will call you to discuss your individual needs and desired outcome.


We look forward to welcoming you into our creative and supportive fold.

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